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Get ready to be blown away by the fascinating story of Gitesi. Run by an unbeatable father-son duo, their passion for coffee goes beyond the beans. This Natural coffee from Rwanda is a tantalizing treat for your taste buds! With notes of rich, creamy fudge, the sweet tanginess of dried apricot, and the juicy burst of blueberries, this coffee is a flavour explosion in every sip.

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Gitesi – Nordic Approach – Keen


Gitesi is a coffee washing station that’s shaking things up in Rwanda! This family-owned business, run by the dynamic duo of father and son, Alexis and Aime Gahizi, has been in operation since 2005. Despite early struggles, they’ve persevered and finally hit their stride in 2010, building a sustainable company. With over 1,800 coffee farmers in the local community delivering cherries to Gitesi, the washing station has built strong relationships with the area. And, to show their appreciation for hard work, they’ve even implemented a bonus system for farmers based on performance! Aime, with his background in engineering, has created an amazing water purification system that’s becoming a model for other washing stations. With plans to expand their own coffee growing land, Gitesi is taking control of the quality of their production and ensuring a steady supply of beans. This is one coffee washing station that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on!


2°6’41.76″S 29°25’5.736″E


  • Washing Station: Gitesi
  • Producer: Alexis and Aime Gahizi
  • Region: Karongi District
  • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1,750 – 1,800 m
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest Period: May – July
  • Flavour: Fudge, Dried Apricot, Blueberry


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