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Look who’s back! One of the most beloved coffees in our ‘superb six’ bundle last december: This Bourbon Aji from Finca El Diviso. Nestor, who took over the farm from his parents, has already proven big time that he’s more eager than the average coffee farmer to produce something of high quality and with a unique or innovative approach. One to look out for, that’s for sure!

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Nestor Lasso, a name that currently doesn’t seem to be ignored in the world of specialty coffee. This mastermind is everywhere! A major performance for these young farmers who only took over their parents farm approx 5 years ago. Nestor and his Brother Adrian work together closely with ‘Jhoan Vergara’ (Finca Las flores) under the name ‘El Diviso’. Within this short timespan, they got all eyes in their direction. Consider them as top guns of the Huila region, because since these three youngsters united their knowledge, the quality of coffees like this ‘bourbon aji’ are unthinkable outside the competition industry. Enjoy this uniquely processed coffee bursting of elderflower, toffee and lemongrass.

According to Nestor, a lot of young people in his area preferred to go to town and find an office job or a less physically demanding job because they think that the coffee is not worth it. But when he realised that specialty coffee offered a real possibility of economic development, and that in addition he could develop his knowledge of coffee production, and in particular the processes, he really got into coffee farming and special processing methods.


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  • Farm: El Diviso 
  • Producer: Nestor and Adrian Lasso
  • Region: Huila
  • Varietal: Bourbon Aji
  • Altitude: 1750 meter
  • Process: Washed Thermal Shock
  • Flavour: Elderflower – Toffee – Lemongrass

This coffee was featured in our explore subscription and therefore we provide a guideline on how we like to brew it. Don’t forget, it’s a guideline, a starting point. There’s no wrong or right! Origami dripper, 16 grams ground coffee, 230 ML, 93 degrees water:
– 1st 0:00 – 50ml
– 2nd 0:45 – 150ml
– 3th 1:30 – 190ml
– 4th 2:00 – 230ml
Total brew time should be 2:30 – 2:40
Too slow? grind courser. Too fast? grind finer! Enjoy this remarkable processed coffee.


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