Diamonds in the water – Espresso Tasting Box

Ethiopia, Uganda

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Kicking the year off better than we could wish for. With two steady diamonds that go under the names: Danilo Salazar and Chelbesa. Danilo, who sadly is no longer among us. Teached his sons to produce stunning coffees not many Costa Rican farmers are able to pull off as well as Christian and Greivin. Its naturally processed, and we find this a smooth yet complex cup. May his legacy live forever in their beans. Number two in this tasting box is another comfortable diamond: Chelbesa. It exemplifies why washed coffees from Ethiopia are in a league of their own. It’s a blend from 313 small scale farmers who all contribute to the same washingstation, resulting in an outstanding harvest!

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Supply chain

  • Danilo Salazar: Christian and Greivin Salazar – Keen
  • Chelbesa: Chelbesa – Nordic Approach – Keen


Danilo: It feels like yesterday when we stood in one of Danilo’s coffee fields, brewing his coffee, roasted in our roastery, and enjoyed with his team. The proud smile on his face was unmatchable, these are the relationships that make us do it! Sadly Danilo passed away two years back, but his sons aced his legacy, creating coffee’s that scream ‘We are from Danilo’s farm!’, something Danilo would be very proud of. This espresso is a one of a kind: complex yet smooth, Brown sugar sticky sweetness, Gooseberry acidity and exotic lychee undertones.

Chelbesa: Can’t go wrong with a washed Ethiopia, right? So here’s our third of 2023. After ‘Ayele Tulu’ & ‘Gogugu’, it’s time for Chelbesa. Grown in Yirgacheffe, Gedeb. As we know from most Ethiopian coffeelots, this is a harmonious merge of the work from 313 different small scale farmers living and working around the washing station. Its sweetness lies in the little secret where farmers wait a little longer than usual before harvesting. Consider this organic maestro as your new go-to coffee!


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About the title:

New year, new tasting box concept. We decided to implement song-titles and other related links to music we sing along (or dance to) as names for each new box. We strongly believe that just like music, coffee is a binding factor. It’s a universal language. So we can connect to whomever shares the same passion.

Diamonds in the water was picked by head honcho Bonne. It can be stuck in his head for weeks & he always seemed to have a personal connection with it because it has so much in common with what we do. The name of the artist already: Kofi stone. We produce coffee, our logo is a diamond stone. One of coffee’s key ingredients is water. 1 + 1 = ?


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