Paradise Engineering – Filter Tasting Box

Rwanda & Indonesia


This tasting box contains one newcomer to our industry and two established champions. For the first time, we have Kilimbi, a ‘red bourbon’ honey from Rwanda. It’s a relatively new way of processing coffee in Rwanda. Second, we have a coffee from what must be one of our favorite Indonesian estates: Frinsa! A sweet and funky anaerobic to fulfill all your distinct Indo-profile coffee expectations (& more). To top it off, we have another one from Rwanda: Mahembe. This washed coffee continues to amaze us, and that’s why we can’t get enough of Justin’s work. Indulge yourself in our first filter tasting box of the year!

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Supply chain

  • Kilimbi – Rehm & co – Keen
  • Wildan & Atieq – Nordic Approach – Keen
  • Mahembe – Nordic Approach – Keen


Kilimbi:This relatively new washing station has already demonstrated its success significantly! A sweet yet smooth fruit experience which we find utterly outstanding for coffees from Rwanda. They were the first to produce honey varieties which are only available on the Rwandan market for a year or three. So let this melon-tea like coffee with loads of other juicy fruit tones amaze you.

Frinsa: Some of you couldn’t stop spamming us with ‘Frinsa’ requests. So, back on dope demand: A fresh lot from the Javanese Frinsa estate. Not to be confused with the Java variety, because this coffee is a mixture of Andung Sari & Sigarar Utang. Meaning that this time, sweetness is a little more highlighted instead of last year’s mega funk. Matter fact, it will fulfill all your distinct indo profile coffee expectations (&more).

Mahembe: Things we value at Keen: Long lasting collaborations! Mahembe, back for the fourth time. Coffees from the Mahembe washing station get sweeter and juicier with each passing year. Indulge yourself with this juicy, sweet and bright coffee bursting of rose hips, blackberry and marmalade flavours. An unusual combination for their country.


Check for all the details the product pages of the individual coffees.

About the title:

New year, new tasting box concept. We decided to implement song-titles and other related links to music we sing along (or dance to) as names for each new box. We strongly believe that just like music, coffee is a binding factor. It’s a universal language. So we can connect to whomever shares the same passion.

Paradise engineering’ comes from an album by electronic music artist ‘Barker’. Taylor picked the first track on his album ‘Utility’ which we think is a perfect representation of what this tasting box has to offer. Serene, peaceful yet complex. So press play and enjoy brewing yourself one of these loving coffees.


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